5 Signs Labradorite is Your Boho Gem

September 06, 2016

5 Signs Labradorite is Your Boho Gem

As a modern bohemian, you are ever-enamored with esoteric beliefs that lead to truth, peace, and love. Some may call you an enigma for the layers of depth you possess. You let every energy around you teach you about life, including gemstones. These gems have guided you from your inner world to outer worlds, but there’s one particular stone that intensely connects to you. It exists to take you higher while keeping your feet on the ground. If these signs spell out your beautiful soul, then Labradorite is your true bohemian gem.


1. You are deeply captivated by the Aurora Borealis.

Well, everyone’s entranced by the Northern Lights, but you seem to be too overwhelmed by its presence. Labradorite justifies that connection as it was told in legends that the Aurora Borealis actually originated in the Labradorite rocks along the cost of Labrador, Canada long before the Morovian missionaries “discovered” them in 1770. According to ancient Labrador inhabitants, when an Inuit warrior first found the stones, he stroke it with his spear releasing the lights into the sky. And that’s how the Aurora Borealis was born.


2. You like spirited colors.

Your fascination over the Aurora has something to do with its brilliant colors. Playful hues ignite you. Like the Labradorite gemstone, its colors made visible by the light is its most alluring asset. When light reaches the stone, its natural grey color transforms into smooth washes of blue, green, and orange. They don’t really originate inside the stone; this phenomenon known as “Labradorescence” is from the twinning surface that produce diverse shades.


3. You have some kind of psychic ability.

Labradorite is dubbed as the “Magic Stone” or “Merlin Stone” because it was mainly used by shamans, mystics, and spiritualists to enhance their gifts. Reiki healers use Labradorite to strengthen their sense of touch. It can boost telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, prophecy, past-life recall, and communication with the divine. Wearing Labradorite jewelry will open new doors for you in terms of spiritual progress and ascension.


4. You need protection from negative energies.

Being spiritual also means being empathic, and this gift comes with a curse to some because you can pretty much feel everything, including the bad. But it doesn’t have to be a curse. Labradorite is the most powerful protective stone in the mineral kingdom. It will shield your aura from negative energies and absorb the good. Aside from creating a barrier, the gem will also cleanse your aura from energy leakage and filter your own negativity.


5. You’re seeking for your destiny.

Knowledge is found around us and wisdom is found within, but a little help from Labradorite can go a long way. It will make you realize your life purpose and manifest wisdom into the present moment. Labradorite is used by meditators and astral travelers to guide them in transporting to other realms, while keeping them safe as they return to this realm. These five signs confirm Labradorite is your boho gem. Nonetheless, you’ll know it’s for you when you see it, or better yet, the moment you wear it.