How to Use Your Labradorite

August 28, 2016

How to Use Your Labradorite


By now, you’ve probably been already captivated by the Northern lights trapped in a stone. A Labradorite jewelry is made to be worn, and by simply wearing it, you harbor its gifts without even knowing it. But of course, you wanna know how this entrancing gem is doing its magic on you. There are other ways of using it, but more importantly, far better reasons why you should have it in the first place.

With what you’re going to discover, the next time you wear your Labradorite jewelry, you’ll have a richer purpose than simply looking delightful.


As a Birthstone

Labradorite is in the zodiac birthstones list. It is govern by Scorpio, Leo, and Sagittarius. However, any other zodiac syncs well to its frequency for its otherworldly powers. Keep the birthstone in your bag, pocket, or even in your undergarment. Although, since this gem is animated by the throat and crown chakra, wearing it as high as possible on your body will easily open up its energies.


As a Healing Gem

Labradorite has also been used by healers around the world for many years. It suits shamans very well especially the ones who use the hands to heal as the gem is in tuned with the sense of touch. Reiki practitioners and physical therapist benefit from Labradorite’s energy boost through the hands. Even as a student, holding a Labradorite cabochon can enhance your curative capabilities and help you emerge into a full blown healer.


As a Protective Psychic Talisman

Having the gem within your aura stimulates different psychic gifts. It fuels psychic hearing known as clairaudience, develops telepathy, and urges past-life recall. Labradorite gem also protects your aura as you embrace new portals, like holding your feet as you fly. And even those who aren’t strangers to such gifts, their psychic abilities are catapulted to its full potential.


As a Throat Chakra Enhancer

Wearing Labradorite earrings and necklaces amplify the throat chakra. A natural flow in thoughts, words, and actions are met, and everything will seem to be rightfully knitted for every moment. The throat chakra is responsible for how we communicate and express ourselves, and Labradorite let goes of any inhibitions to welcome what the universe wants to let you know.


As a Dream Weaver

Dreamcatchers are said to trap bad dreams in its web; Labradorite decodes your dreams may it be good or bad. Sleeping with the stone under your pillow will give you prophetic dreams and wisdom regarding your path coming from higher beings. If you listen to its signs and interpretations, it will teach you to have a positive and fulfilling life.


As a Meditation Ally

Meditating with Labradorite will allow you to access the realms of angels. As your consciousness is elevated, you’ll be able to travel in outer and inner dimensions. Aside from introducing you to the ultimate wisdom from higher worlds and letting you ascend, it also lets you appreciate the endless possibilities of Now, so you’ll be able to live happily in light and love.