Labradorite: A Birthstone for All

September 26, 2016

Labradorite: A Birthstone for All


Although crowned as a Scorpio, Leo, and Sagittarius birthstone, Cancer is drawn to
Labradorite’s spectral colors and the ignition of its electromagnetic energy on the mind. On the other hand, it is regarded as one of the natural birthstones of those who are born just before the vernal equinox and spring (February 19 - March 19). This stretch is said to connote change, faith, and new life.

Labradorite isn’t designated to just one month of the year, it is distributed in different times as the magnitude of its powers is beyond what our brains can grasp. It can be anyone’s birthstone. It connects to peace seekers, path finders, and spiritual communicators. Here’s why Labradorite birthstone is indeed for all.


It’s a Psychic Birthstone

Developing your psychic abilities can be achieved with a strong mind and an open heart, but with Labradorite’s help, you’ll be launched into a whole new you without even knowing it. With such a gem, you’ll discover a wide range of gifts that are waiting to be unraveled. It will begin to make its existence as you foster deeper connections. By letting Labradorite be a part of your daily living, you’ll be urged to transcend otherworldly intuitions into thoughts and then actions.

And when the crown chakra is opened, you’ll start to receive messages directly from the Divine. Wearing it will make you better understand your journey and purpose here on Earth. With its innate powers in psychic reading, prophecy, telepathy, and communication with higher spirits, you can have a smooth flight from this world onto the many others and have a safe return to the present moment. For shamans, mystics, and meditators, Labradorite is deemed as a protective ally in seeing past lives from different realms.

A Healing Birthstone

Labradorite is a healing crystal that can cure with its vibrations. Its soothing energies embedded within relieves stress, aids in respiratory problems, and alleviates colds – sickness within the throat chakra. It’s used to treat PMT and balance the hormones. And aside from enhancing mental abilities, it can also heal ailments in the brain area. Labradorite enhances the power of touch and boosts the hands’ sensitivity, perfect for physiotherapists and those who use the hands to cure. For healers, it is best to keep the Labradorite around the body or better yet wear one to deeply access its healing powers.

A Birthstone Jewelry

A member of the Feldspar family, Labradorite is feted for its dramatic play of color, called
“labradorescence”. It is not the stone that exhibits the colors though. What happens is that when light enters, it strikes the twinning surface inside the gem and echoes spectral colors. Labradorite as a jewelry also serves as a protective amulet that possesses a “filter”. Barrier crystals like Labradorite can help you shield your aura from negative energies while absorbing positive ones.

Labradorite birthstone jewelry is a wonderful gift to today’s technological domain as it filters such man-made forces to nourish our natural rhythm so we could continue to flow with the universal beat.