Labradorite Jewelry: The Aurora Borealis that You Can Wear

October 08, 2016

Labradorite Jewelry: The Aurora Borealis that You Can Wear


As one of the most breathtaking spectacles beneath our heads, the Aurora Borealis governs the night sky with its colorful burst and sets anyone who sees it in ultimate awe. You may take a snap of its majesty or you may simply freeze the image in your head, but nothing comes close to wearing its brilliance. Labradorite is the gem that has released the beauty of the Northern Lights. It’s a Magic Stone that exhibits a mystical light catapulting healers, shamans, and all spiritual travelers from the waking world to the unseen.

Labradorite jewelry is the Aurora Borealis at your fingertips. Wear its beauty together with its powers and see how it can change your life. Here’s a taste!

Ancient Myth and Lore

It is said that Labradorite is older than the Aurora Borealis itself. According to ancient lore, an Inuit warrior saw lights inside the rocks along the coast. With the intent to free the lights, he struck the rocks with his spear and the Aurora Borealis was released in the sky. Even though Labradorite was said to be found by Europeans, the Eskimo Inuit and the Native Amercian Inuu of Labrador had been using the gem early on as a powdered rock for healing. They call it the Fire Stone for its esoteric makeup.

They also claim that they are able to see their ancestors who had passed away in the Aurora Borealis. Another gem myth is that the ones who feel a deeper connection with Labradorite are descendants of Atlantis. It was called the gem of winter and the "phenomenal gem" to be worn on Saturdays in Oriental culture. And the moving line, star, or color that stirs with light was deemed to bring good fortune to whoever’s wearing it.

Labradorite Jewelry in History

The gem was first found in the Isle of Paul, near Nain Labrador in Canada by Moravian missionaries in 1770 who named it as such. A champagne-colored variation of Labradorite called the Golden Labradorite is hailed as rare, while a flashy variety that exhibits the whole color spectrum are called the Spectrolite. It was found in Finland in the 1940s. The gem became popular in Europe as a jewelry especially in France and England. Labradorite was commonly used in the letter “L” for sentiments or mottos such as “Good Luck” in broaches, bracelets, pins and other kinds of Labradorite jewelry.

It was usually paired with a metallic color when depicted as objects like the dazzling butterfly wings. Mandrill baboons became fashionable in the early 19 th century and Labradorite was used as their snouts.

Labradorite Sources

The iridescent stone is also found in the USA, Italy, Scandinavia, Greenland, Russia, 
Madagascar, and Mexico. The Spectrolite found in Finland was named by the director of the Geological Survey of Finland. Nowadays, any Labradorite that displays remarkable
labradorescence is also called Spectrolite may it be from other locations. Madagascar and Russia produce a huge amount of Labradorite with gray to black colors and beautiful labradorescence, and together with while India, Australia, New South Wales, Canada, Newfoundland, Scandinavia, Africa, and Romania, they produce transparent labradorites with a flash of color on the inside.

Utah has a one of a kind clear variation that’s considered the most unusual labradorite in the world. A few mines in Oregon produce translucent orange, red, yellow, green, blue, and unclouded labradorite without the play of color. They are known as the “Oregon Sunstone” and are in vogue with local designers. They also have a huge following in the tourist trade.

Physical Properties

Labradorite roots from the Feldspar family and is well-known for its spectacular dance of color, dubbed as labradorescence. This color play is not embedded in the stone, but it comes from the twinning surface that creates colors from the refection of light. Twinning surfaces in different areas of the stone produce diverse colors of light and those with the highest quality are the ones made into gemstones. Labradorite with white origin is called "Rainbow Moonstone", while the yellowish variety that doesn’t exhibit labradorescence is quite unique and is called “Fire Labradorite”.

Common labradorite stones are seen in blue, yellowish, and sometimes pink or purple. The leading color, blue, shows deep blue to almost green shades. It is usually found in mafic igneous rocks like gabbro, basalt, and norite. And similar to other plagioclase feldspars, Labradorite can also be used in strengthening ceramics, producing glass, and road building.

Each Labradorite produces unparalleled patterns that no two stones are alike, which makes it outstanding for jewelry making.

Magic Stone or Merlin Stone

Aside from the gem’s incredible aesthetics, it hosts a wide range of abilities that are thought as magical, thus it was named the Magic Stone or Merlin Stone. If you feel that you have underdeveloped psychic abilities and you want to awaken them, using a Labradorite gem will help you manifest your gifts and connect deeper. It will open your crown chakra and create a bridge to contact the Divine and give you vigor to translate the wisdom into concrete thoughts. Labradorite will boost your mental and inner knack for psychic reading, clairvoyance, prophecy, past-life recall, telepathy, and communication with higher beings and light workers. As you get a grip of your spiritual flight, Labradorite will also gift you with a smooth transition in-between realms and keep you safe as you return to the now. Wearing Labradorite jewelry will make you realize your destiny, your purpose, the path you chose now, and the ones you’ve chosen before this lifetime.

Gifting Natural Flow

Labradorite is said to provide serendipity and synchronicity. With these two fused together, you’ll be able to experience the natural flow of things. Everything will make sense and happenings will serve its purpose. It will seem like you are always in the right place. As a universal motion take a hold of your being, you’ll be more aware of the negative thoughts that reside in your mind and initially resist them to be able to move forward.

And with the soothing flow governing you, intuitive thought is mainly considered as you wait patiently for the right timing before leaping into action. It also enhances the throat chakra to give you better psychic communication skills. As you are able to connect with the Spirit more often, this gift becomes stronger and turn into constant stream of wisdom that’ll be your guideline in living in this world and continuing onto the next.

For Protection and Cleansing

As the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, Labradorite creates a force field surrounding the aura and vivifies its powers from the inside. The stone protects its wearer from all the negativity of this world and conceals the bad side of one’s personality. It aids in lessening feelings of depression, and anti-social and impulsive behavior. Labradorite can recharge your energy whenever you feel drained. It can put an overthinking mind at ease and refresh the brain to cater new ideas.

It also helps wash away mental and emotional drain of daily living and awaken a sense of spontaneity, while preventing other energies from tapping into your being to ensure all forces in your physical and spiritual makeup are well-balanced.

Labradorite is crowned as the "temple of the stars" as it sparks a light in the soul of the wearer that other planetary beings can connect to. Its play of color is said to have originated from the extra-terrestrial plane to usher the evolved beings inside the stone onto this world.

Healing Properties

As much as a mystical tool in the spirit realm, Labradorite is also beneficial in the physical plane as a healing stone that has countless uses like pain relief and digestion aid. It helps enhance the hands’ sensitivity and is mainly used by physiotherapists and other healers who use the power of touch. Labradorite also help in respiratory ailments like bronchitis and relieve symptoms of colds. It’s a great cure for PMT and it is said to balance the hormones.

Labradorite cleanses the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs in the blood stream. And aside from stimulating mental powers, it also aids in healing disorders within the brain. Healers keep a piece near their body or wear a Labrodorite jewelry to reverberate its powers around their aura.

Labradorite as a Jewelry

A stunning jewelry and a powerful filter, this gem is truly unique. With its crystalline form, it is able to provide protective barriers from all directions. Labradorite jewelry with its filter power keeps the negative energy away from you while attracting positive flow. In today’s techy world, Labradorite jewelry fits perfectly as a filter from electromagnetic transmissions that drain our energies. The gem embodies the effects of Reiki that is created to love and heal.

From Labradorite’s discovery in 1770 until this day, it has riveted seekers to transcend into their greater selves. It’s a mesmerizing jewelry that can heal, protect, teach, and propel you into the beautiful, the glorious, and the sacred unknown - while keeping your feet on the ground.

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