About Us


Labradorite Magic is a young, bohemian lifestyle brand - proudly founded in Bali. We have a team of very talented Silver craftsmen who handpick only the finest Labradorite gems and transform them into gorgeous Labradorite jewelry. We want the whole world to see Labradorite's splendor. That is why we’ve put together a group of talented local craftsmen backed by western management to bring this stunning jewelry collection to life. 100% made with love in Bali…

Labradorite Magic
 is designed for the women who embrace each day, feeling beautiful, playful - and who know how to keep the island spirit in the air
Why Labradorite?
As one of the most breathtaking spectacles beneath our heads, the Aurora Borealis governs the night sky with its colorful burst and sets anyone who sees it in ultimate awe. Labradorite is a gem that releases the beauty of the Northern Lights. It’s a Magic Stone that exhibits a mystical light catapulting healers, shamans, and all spiritual travelers from the waking world to the unseen.
Also this stunningly beautiful gemstone has much more to offer than just its gorgeous looks. It´s also believed to have holistic power, and can be used as a throat chakra enhancer, a meditation ally, a healing gem and on top of it is a birthstone.

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Your Labradorite Child Team.